21 again! 

Next Retreat: 17th January 2021

€30pp | €50 x2 people


Take time for selfcare and connect your body, mind and breath in this lovely, relaxing  journaling and yoga, Zen and Tonic Day Retreat.

Journalling is a great way to create time and space where we can open up to our innermost feelings. Through self reflection and self expression we can gain clarity and “straighten” out our thoughts, feelings and self awareness.

Zen and Tonic Day Retreat is about connecting with our true inner self.

  • Let’s  acknowledge how you have grown and changed over the years for the better.
  • Explore how amazing you are.
  • What makes you you and we will examine what is your gift to the world.
  • Followed by a lovey yoga flow class.

Suitable for all you will feel rejuvenated, invigorated and ready for whatever the year ahead holds for you.

Suitable for all genders and ages.

This event is live simultaneously on both  Zoom and Facebook – you can participate through either channel.


Relaxing Breathing Techniques


Time alone

Candles and Cozy socks


21 again. Life Coaching Workshop


Warm Drink

Time out from life to reset


Recommended Preparation: 
Saturday 16th January :

Book a treatment for yourself! Do something lovely for you. Taka a walk, turn off the phone for the day and have some head space!

The Main Event 
Sunday 17th

9:55am Welcome to our Zen & Tonic  Day Spa 
Log onto our zoom day  retreat or stream via our private Facebook group.
Have a cuppa made, the door locked, candle on and soft tranquil music on in the back ground.  Sitting comfortably with a warm drink and a blanket we will set the mood for our retreat with a lovely breathing technique.

10am: 21 again. 
Let’s move on! It’s time to relight your fire and passion for life. Let’s ditch some baggage that we no longer need and head into 2021 feeling great about ourselves. We will be reflecting on our youth, taking key turning points in our life and examining how they made us who we are today. Let’s enjoy being 21 again, after all, you do still have your whole life ahead of you to enjoy how you want!

11am Refreshment break
Try and have a flask in the room with you! That way you do not have to leave your sanctuary and get caught up in the “house.”

11:15am Feel happy and amazing Yoga class
Suitable for all no matter how un-bendy you are! This class is all about generating warmth inside, lighting up your inner glow and boosting your health for the season ahead. Class finishes with breathing techniques to ensure you feel amazing for the rest of the day and longer!

12:30pm Finish, chat, questions.

Have something ready in advance so that you can keep your Zen! Better yet have someone deliver or make it for you.

  • Time and space away from others!
  • Refreshments of choice
  • Warm room
  • Candles
  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga block or cushion
  • Yoga strap or dressing gown belt
  • Fleece and warm socks / slippers
  • Eye mask or scarf to place over eyes
  • Lovely new journal and fancy pen (make it special!)


€30 pp

€50 x2 people

Please note you will need access to Zoom or Facebook for this retreat.

You can join me “face to face” on zoom or if you prefer you can stream the even live via Facebook.


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