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If you are feeling lost, lonely and have too much time on your own, I can help you to find happiness, fulfillment and create an action packed life full of new adventures. Whether you’re suddenly solo, bereaved, breakup/ divorcing, empty nest or facing retirement and have no clue how to fill your days, I am here to help you.
Be your own Best Friend first

Flying Solo

In a world designed for couples, being alone can make you feel out of place and isolated. However, being single, an empty nester, or retired can be the most exciting and fulfilling time of your life—I’m living proof! I went from hating my single status to living my dream life, happy and content.

Let me guide you to navigate this new phase with courage. Moving on from the past is challenging, but a whole new path awaits. As your coach, I’ll help you see how “Flying Solo” can be the happiest and most fulfilling chapter of your life.

Embark on a new chapter


‘Till death do you part with YOURSELF! So you better get used to spending time by yourself. After all, if you cant be happy in your own company how do you expect others to be around you? Let me assist you in rediscovering your fun side, embarking on a new chapter filled with passion and personal fulfillment. Together, we’ll cultivate self-love while embracing quality time alone. Being happy in your own company is a journey of freedom, liberation, and immense joy!

How do I know?

Us to Me

Because I made the transition from us to me. I moved on from being the victim, having daily pity parties to finding a whole new lease of life, solo. When I became my own best friend, travel buddy, cheer leader and raised my self worth my life changed dramatically for the better.

It all starts and ends with how we feel about ourselves. Being happy in yourself is the secret to life. Solo or otherwise!


How Your Coaching Sessions Work

  • We have and informal chat over zoom or the phone, see how you feel about everything, establish what your main objects and issues are.
  • First appointment is arranged, face to face or zoom
  • During appointments we will discover what is holding back, what are your negative beliefs and work out how we can smash them.
  • I will challenge you to examine any limiting beliefs, reasons you “can’t do that.”
  • You will decide what needs to change, how to achieve personal goals, create your dreams and timelines to reach them.
  • I will guide you, hold your hand and hold you accountable.
  • You need to commit some time to a little homework.
  • Together we will strive to achieve your goals, re jig your bucket list, become more fulfilled and enjoying life to the fullest in your own unique way. Being happy in yourself is the secret to life. Solo or otherwise!

Move out of your comfort zone

Are you ready to move on with your life? Who and what is Flying Solo Coaching for:

  • Widows/ Widowers
  • Anyone with too much time alone
  • Recently single / divorce / separation
  • Facing into retirement
  • Empty nest – now what?
  • Feeling lost in a relationship
  • Making new connections & getting on with life
  • First steps to travelling solo
  • End of career guidance counselling
  • Getting over a broken heart -moving on
  • Times of transition – career / house / abroad
  • Anyone feeling they are stuck in a rut

This list is not exhaustive, please contact me to discuss your needs.

I worked with Sinéad in 2023 during a crossroads in my life, where I needed to instigate change. Sinéad listened without judgement and offered a safe space where she helped me gain clarity on my goals, confront any self-limiting beliefs and where she offered strategies which helped me to move forward. I’m grateful to Sinéad for her kindness, insightful questions and patience to help me move out of rut, achieve my goals and see life through a fresh lens


Since the last time we met loads of positive stuff has happened and I feel way more confident and happy in myself. Just last week I started my dream job. I'm finally doing what I love and it all came from the sessions I had with you. You really gave me the kick I needed to get myself on track. I'd love to come back to you soon and work through what's next


Really enjoyed this book and was truly gobsmacked reading parts of it. It’s uplifting, inspiring and I was in awe of the writer - how she overcame difficulties in her life and turned things around to such a huge extent and still comes across as a person anyone can relate to. It’s a lovely read, highly recommend.

Susan -Life Is A Cycle - Book

Sinéad is an excellent life coach. I was struggling with a big dilemma, I could not decide which path to follow. I worked with Sinead over a 6 month period and found during that time that my core values were not being met in both my career or my relationship. With Sinead's help and guidance, we set started with small goals / action plans to change both my limiting beliefs and my career. I have found a new lease of life and the job of my dreams. I will definitely work with Sinead again as she is inspiring and kind.

Deirdre - Life Coaching

I absolutely loved this trip. Everything was so well organized for the group. Each day we had a relaxing Yoga class on the beach followed by a long and sociable breakfast. There was plenty of free time as well as organized activities with Sinead. You can dip and dip out of the group as much as you want, relax or go as mad as you like! The hotel is superb and Sinead is a wonderful host. I would highly recommend this trip.

Carmela - Beach Yoga Mini Break

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Booking & Pricing

You don’t even have to leave your house! One to one coaching consultations either in person or via zoom. I work with people from all walks of life, all over the world. Regardless of your age, gender, or marital status, let me help you fly solo.

Included in all prices 

Paperback copy of my bestselling book:

Life Is A Cycle – A true story of resilience, cycling adventures and solo travel.

€115 per single coaching sessions (60-80mins)
€265 for 3 coaching sessions.

€499 for 6 coaching sessions.

Please note that my time zone is Dublin which is the same as London.


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