Hatha Yoga


​”I have been attending Yoga with Sinead for nearly two years and I haven’t found a better class. As a complete beginner I was immediately made feel comfortable and was given extra attention where needed until I felt more confident. Classes are small, you are always made feel welcome and you can take them at your own pace. I was surprised at how quickly my flexibility and stamina developed. I would highly recommend yoga with Sinead to anyone starting their yoga practise or anyone who wants a welcoming and friendly class to attend.” – Ann C

7pm – Feel Good Hatha Yoga for All.
8:15pm Hatha Yoga for Cyclists and Intermediates



All Classes are live on line via Zoom for the fore  seeable future. All classes are available on playback 27/7 via our Private facbook group.

​ Never miss a class or do it everyday!

Next term begins Tuesday 15th September 2020 x 7 weeks

What level should I chose for my Yoga Class?

BEGINNERS: This class is the perfect place to start your Hatha Yoga practice. Suitable for complete beginners, this class IS for those who feel they are too stiff to go to yoga! Whether you can touch your toes or not is irrelevant. The class is slow moving, encouraging and will get you moving at your own pace. It is the perfect class for you to become a little more body conscience and posture aware. It is also relaxed and fun, you are welcome to ask questions, smile and laugh (at yourself though not at others please!!) Suitable for all genders and ages. Minors must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian. Pregnancy yoga can be done in this class. However please contact before you book.

Hatha Yoga for Cyclists and Intermediates

Hatha Yoga with a special focus on hips and hamstings, with a little bit of Pilates in the mix for your core. Specifically focused for athletes, cyclists and those who are looking for a more “work out” style yoga class. Posture focused and eduactional, I want you to bring your yoga off the mat and into your every day life.

Improve your cycing on the floor with lots of spine mobility, deep core work and multiple hip flexibility poses.

THis class is fluid and moves fairly quickly,  you will be required to get up and down off the floor. We still cover all the basics and work to our own ability. You will be challenged but in a good way!

Style: Hatha Yoga

Suitable for men and women, old and young, everyone is welcome.
Pregnancy Yoga: This class is suitable for pregnant women once they are over the first trimester, more than 12 weeks gone.

Style: Hatha Yoga for Cyclists 

Suitable for all especially those who are a little more bendy and looking for a more dynamic class. Suitable for all genders and ages, unfortunate this class is not suitable for pregnancy yoga.

I am a professional 63 year old woman who is self employed in a sedentary job. . I joined Sinead's yoga class as I had hip pain and joint stiffness, these were very debilitating indeed. My thinking in going to yoga was I wanted to hold on to my own joints for as long as I could! Before long I was feeling much better and my aching joints have never felt better. I have continued in Sinead’s class and I love the way she layers the level of each of her poses.
I have also attended Sinead as a Physical Therapist and use the massage balls she prescribed for me with great effect. Especially for my hands which are often sore. I love Sinead’s high energy and personable personality.

Mrs. S Summers. Class Participant.


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