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Have you been thinking about taking a trip alone but are a little unsure of where to go, how to plan and budget. Perhaps you are feeling a little worried or nervous about going it alone?

Solo travel is something that I find easy now but it wasn’t always that way. I had my own doubts and was apprehensive but I am so glad I went anyway.

Let me coach and mentor you to venture into the world of solo travel. I have been there, done that and bought numerous t -shirts. I’ve made mistakes and learnt the hard way, but lessons are invaluable. I always have a brilliant time and meet people from all walks of life. I want to share my expertise with you​, show you the ins and outs of solo travel, save you hours of research and anxiety while helping you to plan and go on an adventure of a lifetime – WITH YOURSELF!

No matter your age, gender, marital status or if you want quality alone time, I am here to help you. There is zero point waiting on others to join you, for the time to be right, or any other procrastinating excuse you are coming up with. It’s time to fly solo.

Nothing is more exhilarating and rewarding than travelling solo. It’s an amazing opportunity to put yourself first, do what you like when you like, be care free and not have to worry about anyone else. It’s completely liberating. If I can do it then so can you.

Let me inject you with my passport passion and travel bug!

If you need help adjusting to single / solo life check out Flying Solo Coaching 

I hear it all the time. No! It’s not scary. Sure it takes a little courage and planning to go it alone but if you are even thinking about solo travel then you have what it takes. Travel is all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. You reap rewards such as: A huge sense of accomplishment, boosted confidence, experience new cultures and food.

No, it is never lonely. Besides, you are never alone, you always have yourself and you will meet other travelers along the way who might even become lifelong friends. Who knows, there might even be some romance too.

What are you waiting on!?

“I could never do that!”

“You’re so brave!”

“Isn’t it scary or lonely?”


  • I will reassure and help you to feel  more confident in yourself . We will look at flights, budgets and get you ready for the trip of a lifetime.
  • Clarity- decide what YOU want to see, do and get from your trip.
  • Help with logistics, itinerary, tourist attractions, how to maximize your trip without coming home exhausted.
  • Help you to prepare for the unexpected and safety  concerns.
  • If you have not decided on a destination, we will narrow down your choices, clarify your solo travels needs and goals. You might even change your mind of your destination.
  • Give you top travel tips that I learnt through experience and the hard way!
  • Help you with packing, vaccinations and visas.
  • Explore with you your best options for accommodation and avoiding single supplements.
  • Together we will arrange your first few days , get them booked  and sorted so that you can arrive feeling happy and  stress free.
  • I will encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and go for it. There is always an adventure withing an adventure to be had!
  • I will also hold you accountable! When we plan your trip there is no backing out or putting it off; honestly, take it from me, you will have a great time and wonder why you didn’t travel solo years ago!
  • Sending me a photo from your trip is compulsory!


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€100 per single coaching sessions (60-80mins)
€250 for 3 coaching sessions.

One to one coaching consultations either in person or via zoom.
Please note that my time zone is Dublin which is the same as London.



I head off every December to somewhere totally fabulous, on my own! Even if I had someone to travel with I would still make it my business to travel solo once a year. It’s important to spend quality time alone, gather your thoughts, see the world your way and have a think!

I get asked so many questions from wannabe solo travelers who need a gentle push that I decided it’s time for me to help everyone find their inner travel bug for themselves! Living vicariously though others is not an option for you. It’s time to stand on your own two feet and fly solo. You will be thrilled that you did, have a lifetime of amazing memories, feel so proud of yourself, have a new lease of life and a spring in your step!

So here I am, happy, willing and excited to help you travel solo. No matter how far, safe or adventurous you want to go, I have your back. Let me show  you that life on the road alone is the best adventure you will ever have.

Your solo trip will be so amazing that you will be jealous of yourself!

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