Seniors Move & Stretch


Seniors Move and Stretch

Due to corona virus these classes are now online

Join me from Mondays

10am x 45minutes.

Stretch and move classes are suitable for all especially more mature bodies and those who may need more gentle and slower classes.

Let’s stretch, move, relax and feel great.

Via Zoom and Facebook – classes are available on playback 24/7

What to Expect

Seniors Move & Stretch class

  • Easy and suitable for all
  • Super gentle stretching class.
  • Focus on joint mobility
  • Boost circulation
  • Flexibility
  • Breathing techniques

What You Will Need

  • Sturdy upright chair
  • Tea towel or strap
  • Space
  • 45 mins

Ideal for care of the elderly and physiotherapy based.
May be beneficial for pregnant women too however please check with your physician first.


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Seniors Move and Stretch

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