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Release neck and shoulder pain while sitting at your desk.

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About the Course

Release neck and shoulder pain while sitting at your desk.

Feel great, be more productive and cut down on physio bills.

  • Click & learn- open access course
  • Complete course at own pace
  • One time purchase
  • Do anytime, repeat as often as you wish

This online course is specifically designed to help you reduce neck and shoulder pain while at your desk caused from hours working on computers, mobile phones and life.

This course will show you how to reduce pain, alleviate tension, stress and improve your posture while cutting down on medical and physio bills. This course will give you the tools to work and live pain free while future proofing your body.

Choose from a wide variety of bite sized practical classes that can be done while sitting at your desk. All 12 lessons range from 5 – 15 minutes, are physio and yoga based and are divided into an easy to follow progressive 4 week plan.

All you need to do is take a “self care break ” daily and press play.

Benefits to you:

  • Drastically reduce neck and shoulder pain
  • Stretch out your sore tired neck, have more movement
  • Futureproof your body
  • Reduce shoulder tension and be more flexible
  • Improved posture, look even better.
  • Reduced medical and physio bills
  • Increased energy for life and work
  • You will boost your productivity
  • Feel great with no pain.

Feel amazing while you work at home!