Life Is A Cycle

A true story of resilience, cycling adventures and solo travel.


Life Is A Cycle - Book by Sinéad Kennedy

This book is for anyone who is feeling a lost or stuck in a rut. It will resonate with anyone who needs inspiration to live their dreams but perhaps doesn’t know where to start.
Sinéad Kennedy lives in Dublin, Ireland with her cat Sooty. She is a travel writer, Bespoke Travel Consultant, Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach and a fitness fanatic!
When Sinéad Kennedy was 32 years old, she was overwhelmed, exhausted, mentally burnt out and sick of everything going wrong. After a traumatic life changing event she chooses to pick herself up, shake herself off and live her life to the fullest.
Life is a Cycle, is an honest, lighthearted and moving memoir of one woman’s unwavering strength of character and commitment to live life with passion, fun and fulfillment. Sinéad bravely takes full responsibility for her happiness, having unforgettable cycling adventures and experiences while travelling solo all over the world. By taking quality time alone she unearths her life purpose and what she is truly made of.

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