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As featured in the Irish Independent Fit Magazine
Class is on Every Monday
Raw Condition Gym
Richmond Street
Dublin 2
€30 x 4 Consecutive Classes or €10 Drop in.
Booking Essential

Yoga for Cyclists Sinead kennedy

If you love you body half as much as you love your bike this is the class for you!

So how  is Yoga for Cyclists different? 
I love yoga and have been teaching since 2007. I also love cycling. Combining the two was a natural given for me.As a very keen cyclists I find that after hours on the bike I am stiff. Especially my shoulders and my backside. I love hills in the summers and need my body to be in tip top condition.  I want to stay cycling for many more years but my body needs a lot more attention these days and some TLC.Now in its 6th year, Yoga for Cyclists,  really is a performance enhancer for all levels of cyclists, legal too! Stretch out your body, become conscious of how your body moves. Wake up your spine, stretch out hip flexors which really do suffer from cycling. Improve balance and coordinations and engage those squishy abs.

Yoga for Cyclists Sinead kennedy

What should I expect?
Class is an hour long and we start with a little breathing exercise.  When we breathe deeply, control our exhale and notice our breath, we begin to relax.  We will focus during the class  on taking our body into the opposite position we assume on the bike.
Expect in the class some sun salutations to warm up the whole body and mobilize the spine. Standing poses, balance poses, seated and lying down poses. The class always finishes with a few minutes of breathing /relaxation, Savasana. This allows the body to heal. You have just given it one hell of a boost so let it have time to re-bootSo what is the opposite of bike posture? 
In class we focus on opening out the chest and getting our breath down into the diaphragm. Often our diaphragm is compressed on the bike, rounded shoulders restrict lung function. Back bends are used to reverse the hours spent in flexion, whether from the bike or desk. We lengthen the hip flexors and hamstrings to improve flexibility. Strengthen the whole back in order to support the spine and mid section, improve posture and stability. We focus on core and balance, both important for keeping the pelvis centered on the saddle. Focus, concentration, core strength, stamina and flexibility are all worked and improved.During class the Asanas (poses) are held for a few breath to allow the body time to adjust, sometimes we find it hard to stop and just allow our breath to flow. The Asanas can be challenging, tight hamstrings, tight quads, poor ankle mobility and so on can really make the class tough. Don’t despair, like everything, including cycling, it gets easier in time.You will leave class feeling taller, straighter, stronger and relaxed! Lot’s of people report sleeping heavily after a class.

Benefits of Yoga for Cyclists: 

  • Promotes over all Health and Well being
  • Injury prevention
  • Improve endurance and concentratrion
  • Improves flexibility
  • Boost circulation/ flushes out toxins
  • Improves Joint mobility
  • Lengthens and strengthens muscles
  • Improves core strength
  • Challenges balance, nervous system response mechanisms activated
  • Gives you time to your self, you will be too busy concentration to think about your life
  • Massages your Internal Organs
  • relieves cramps and bloating
  • Reduces Stress
  • Your Cycling will improve and you will be more happy! (Hopefully)
  • Meet like minded people and have fun.

Sinead kennedy Yoga for Cyclists

What Else?
Just remember no one in class is an expert including the teacher. there are many poses that I still can’t do, and some I will never be able to master. It is important to work with your body, have a go at least, sure if you can’t, so what. Yoga is a personal practice, there are no medals.What do I need to bring?
Just yourself, I provide the mats and support  blocks. All you need is some loose fitting, comfortable clothes. Un-padded cycling type shorts are great, they provide support and should avoid any accidental flashing! (it has happened.)

Yoga for Cyclists Sinead Kennedy

Should I eat before class? 
Like any class you need to the energy to participate, however we don’t want to see any dinners re appearing! Eat something light a couple of hours before, remember we will be twisting and bending over, keep it plain!I farted in class and I am mortified!
Don’t worry, it happens! We are squeezing, pushing, pulling, bending and twisting. Your body probably doesn’t know what has hit it! Laugh it off.How do I join the class?
Booking is essential, you can contact me on  086 6047945 to discuss if your worried. Otherwise you can book online and your all set.
Come and give a class a go,if you don’t like it you never have to come back! It’s good to get out of your comfort zone every now and again.Class is on Every Monday (except bank holidays)
Raw Condition Gym
Richmond Street
Dublin 2

€30 x 4 Consecutive Classes or €10Drop in.
Booking Essential

SInead kennedy Yoga for Cyclists

About the Author:
Sinéad Kennedy is a Physical Therapist, Yoga Siromani and Pilates Instructor, based in South County Dublin. She treats and teaches people from all walks of life, including many athletes, especially cyclists, runners and golfers. Recently featured in the Irish Independant, FIT Magazine, her Yoga 4 Cyclists class has gained notoriety.
A keen cyclist and proud member of Orwell Wheelers she has completed numerous cycling events including La Marmotte Sportive. She is an accomplished audax-er having done numerous 200km and 300km routes. Sinéad has also completed three Dublin City Marathons, numerous Adventure Races and Half Marathons.

With Nicholas Roche @ the Roche Classic, 2012

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